Sunday, January 01, 2006

Idiotarian, Moonbat, Darwin Award Contestant...

Updated (2006/01/01 1104)

2006 will be a difficult year for nominatation committees.

For example:
One would be hard pressed to determine the correct category for the first family of anti-western 'peace' activists who get their heads chopped off by some overambitious jihadist.
  1. Should they be Idiotarians
  2. Should they be Moonbats
  3. Should they be Darwin Award contestants
I am glad I am not responsible for running end-of-year contests.

Update (2006/01/01 1104)
A friend has emailed with at least a partial solution for this quandary!!!

This enlightened individual has reminded me that Iraq will be getting safe enough to entice the vaunted media to spin their story from throughout the region. These self-same media mavens will no doubt think that the entire Middle East would benefit from their spin skills. So here goes...

If a Lefty Media Slug is killed after being kidnapped than simply look at his/her status on the various annual awards. For example, if Robert Fisk has his head removed than we are talking about an Idiotarian. George Monbiot and family would be Moonbats. And since Cindy Sheehan wrote a book nobody read, and because even the Moonbats and Idiotarians ignore her now, she may be relegated to the status of Darwin Award Contestant.

Now, if the ‘insurgent’ or ‘freedom fighter’ in question accidentally chops the cerebrum off some unknown person of peace than we can scan the articles written by award winners of various categories. If the casualty is written about more by an Idiotarian, than that individual, and those associates facing the same demise at the same event, is an Idiotarian. Likewise with Moonbats. However, one can be either an Idiotarian or a Moonbat and still be eligible for a Darwin Award.

The most conclusive evidence, however, will be the inevitable tape of the event in question. If the activists seem to believe that it is all an act to the very end, than they are Idiotarians. Conversely, if the martyr either yells ‘Alah Akbar’, ‘Go Stalin’, ‘Death to Corporatism’, ‘This is Halliburton’s doing’, or some other such nonsense than we are watching the demise of a Moonbat. A true Darwin Award Contestant would not know why she/he is tied up while a cutlass wielding fascist screams and chants Islamic slogans.

Any other illustrative help in this discussion should be incorporated in the comments. Such support would be much appreciated.

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