Sunday, January 22, 2006

Where is the Outrage???

Re(1): 'Uneasy dreams and monstrous vermin', The Belmont Club, Wretchard TC
Re(2): 'Psychology of Suicide Bombers', Discovery Channel

We are in the midst of a spurt of ‘kidnappings’ taking place throughout the barbaric Islamic world. The kidnappings taking place in Gaza, the West Bank, Iraq, and Afghanistan are becoming a weekly affair.

Where is the Outrage in the American public?

Are we Americans that apathetic, that inured to tragedy, that obsessed in our goal of destroying terrorist organizations.

Or are we starting to see a very odd pattern emerging – one that we subconsciously expected.

We know small groups can radicalize around ideas. The ‘Discovery Channel’ aired a documentary last night titled ‘Psychology of Suicide Bombers’ that postulated on the formation of terrorist organizations. First a small group independently radicalizes – using material and ideas from the ‘corporate’ entity, oftentimes without direct support from mainline terrorist organizations. Trust relationships form into radicalized bonds that start reinforcing themselves. They see the target of their hate as objects. Hence, the truly dangerous elements of international terror are not those wayward individuals who seek membership in the organizations – but those radicalized and dynamic small groups that already have a defined mission which then desire umbrella membership in a global terrorist organization. Khalil Sheikh Mohammed formed one such mini terrorist organization, built on an idea that was grafted into al Qaeda quite effectively. The end result was 9/11.

So terrorist groups are built by incorporating sub-entities that are self-radicalized.

Cannot the same be said of small groups of independent leftists and haters of western civilization? Cannot such groups form out of a radicalized distrust of capitalism, western power, western culture, etc? How would such radicalized groups interact with international organized entities such as al Qaeda, Hezbollah, and Hamas? Can a misguided youth who rioted against WTO in Seattle find common cause with Osama bin Laden? What would the interaction look like? Could it be that such groups have formed, made contact with terror organizations, and set up planned kidnappings in an effort to ‘get their message out’? How else can the relationships be defined and presented?

In the end, the message is the same.
We hate western civilization.
We hate capitalism.
We hate power
We hate you

Watch out France!!!

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