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LGF: 'Robert Fisk Idiotarian of the Year 2005' balloting...

Re(1): 'Robert Fisk Idiotarian of the Year 2005',, Charles Johnson

Here are my three selections in LittleGreenFootballs coveted ‘Robert Fisk Idiotarian of the Year 2005’ award. Like they say, ‘get out the vote’!!!

New York Times...

As stated above, it is a bit difficult to name it Idiotarian of the Year, but the fact that it is the Robert Fisk Idiotarian of the Year award aces it. Maybe some of the writers are actual Moonbats rather than Idiotarians because they have knowledge of, and aggressively drive toward, the cliff.

However, as a whole, I am completely satisfied that the writers and the editors of the NYT are generally ignorant of the topics of war and terrorism.

Too bad you did not include the uncritical readers of the NYT on your list of Idiotarians. They are the definition of Useful Idiots. Oh, never mind - just read the list (MSNBC, CBS, The Guardian, Actors, UN, and Democratic Party). It is, of course, the paper of record for Idiotarians!

Cindy Sheehan...

She started reading the New York Times after 9/11. She was especially impressed with the discussion of America's complicity in blowing itself up. Maybe some of the facts that prove President Bush destroyed the buildings with well placed barrels of Halliburton oil drums.

Her favorite writer was Jayson Blair. She can't believe that the 'Paper of Record' would allow him to leave for greener pastures without offering a significant pay raise. She can't figure out how to get online to view Englands Paper of Record - The Guardian.

In her sleep she remembers NYT articles - and other major media presentations based on 'Paper of Record' scoops - that had her son tortured in Abu Gharib, shot by Halliburton employees, forced into the military by Cheney press gangs, etc.

She is the definition of an Idiotarian. All others are shades of grey...

Rep. Jack Murtha...

He defines the Mawkish Democrat.

The NYT, MSNBC, LA Times, CBS, and the rest that follow the lead of the NYT termed him a 'Hawkish' Democrat.

He is 'Hawkish' only regarding pension benefits, weapons built in his district, clothing allowances, food allowances, social reengineering, and short conflicts executed with stand-off weapons.

After taking 18 casualties in 'Blackhawk Down' he 'convinced' President Clinton to bail ignominiously from the region. That Mawkish moment is forever eulogized in Osama bin Laden's FATWA about weak horses and paper tigers and such.

Representative Murtha is just a normal conflicted Democrat of the Vietnam era. He wants a military for the social engineering that can be accomplished through such large and influential organization. He doen't want the military to be included in combat. He wants to move our military to where the action is – Kansas. Just over the horizon, and over again, and over again, and then over again. Maybe Syria will allow us to post some troops – Iran?

He was a sleeper Idiotarian – and was activated by some droning speech John Kerry made to some progressive think tank deriding combat for anything, anything at all.

He is my final pick!

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Good group of final contestants...Happy New Year.