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Are there any 9/11 Republicans out there...

Re(1): 'Time for a Divorce', The Irish Trojan Blog, Brandon Loy
Re(2): 'My Mom is Quitting the Democratic Party Too', The Irish Trojan Blog, Brandon Loy
Re(3): 'Let's See if I got this Right', InstaLawyer, Douglas C. Weinstein

HT: InstaPundit, Glenn Reynolds

UPDATED 2006/08/1921

Pink Floyd:

Is there anybody out there?
Is there anybody out there?
Is there anybody out there? Anybody at all…

For the six folks who read my blog, I want to admit something...

I voted for Jesse Jackson in 1992. I don't even want to tell you who I voted for in 1988. That tells you something, eh… Hint, I voted for the person in the last political ad I watched – and he was in the slam. It wasn’t till 1996 that I voted for a Republican as President. Reading this site – who would have known. But, that should tell the Democratic Party something. Folks like me have only switched over the last ten years – and millions more switched on a certain Tuesday on a certain September day on a certain day this millennium.

However, I am asking the question: Are there any 9/11 Republicans out there…

I just found a couple more 9/11 Democrats:

  1. Brandon Loy – All excited about getting InstaLaunched…
  2. Brandon Loy's Mom - She is liberal, but not a nut single issue nut...
  3. Douglas Weinstein – the InstaLawyer… He just got Instalaunched – and his server is still up…
I can’t say it isn’t a bit exciting getting launched. Michelle Malkin found a post on my site and launched hundreds of readers to view my pap. Louri Byrd (then of PoliPundit) launched hundreds more on two different entries.

It is a bit exciting.

Personally, it is the Belmont Club, MySandmen, SecurityWatchTower, CouterTerrorismBlog, and LGF readers that seem to motor over after I comment that excite me. It is neat to have a few readers here and there to get a bit disappointed when I don’t create daily entries.

Kinda ramblin’… But, what can you expect when I am partaking in Adult Libations (very sorry, note the plural) – in this case Samuel Smith’s Imperial Stout. A very invigorating libation for we NeoCons, eh…

Oh, well… Does this count as a post… I know it isn’t one of my best… I also know it will probably go into as special link list of its own. Is it really a flameout? Nope. But, it is a drunken sot of a post.

So, to my friends out there…

Sod Off Swampy

UPDATE (2006/08/1921):
I think Jeff Goldstein has been imbibing on a few himself, eh:
“TOCK, baby! The new word is TOCK! ‘Tic’ is through. ‘Tic’ represents capitulation to the Man’s predominant narrative. Whereas TOCK is the advent, brothers and sisters —the dawning of a new age of progressive political and social awakening that begins and ends with the power of the people powered people’s peopling and as such cannot be contained, constrained, or compartmentalized. It just is. Yes, TOCK is here to stay! And those who refuse to heed TOCK will soon be relegated to the ash heap of --”
I think I understand this passage!!!

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