Sunday, August 27, 2006

Working to Put More Teeth in that Marine Corps Mouth...

Yup, spending my time building software systems for the Corps.
Always with the goal to put more POGs to the front.

In actuality, the optimization in rear guard support staff was the only positive from the Clinton Legacy Era. The Marine Corps did get leaner - and thanks to General Krulak meaner and better. The Corps is more in-sync with the military and political and social realities of the world than it was in 1992. This occurred because of strong Marine Corps leadership.

I offer no props to the Clinton Legacy Minders. I lived that dream and I aint talkin' it up as some Diamond Dude in front of some ignorant throng of Libs (Thong, or whatever they wear under their burlap sacks). The props go to the Corps and their ability to survive the Clinton Legacy. Imagine a Corps of the mid-90's with a Shenseki as Commandant.

As proof, note the Army of 2001.
They were not ready to fight.
45% Reservist, 55% Acitve
Sorry, but true.

Now, however, the Army is ready and does fight!!!

Go Rumsfeld.
Go Shoomaker

As an aside to the depressed out there. Remember one thing. While you might dwell on the problems you know - or think you know - the other side of the battlefield has problems of their own. And, personally, I would not want to be in their shoes. While I am not overly positive on Israel's Clintonesque action in Lebanon remember that for Iran and Syria and Hezbollah to succeed they will have to be viewed as the benefactors of the rebuilding process. This will draw increasing resources from each point in this terror triangle. It will not be good enough for Hezbollah (and, thus, Iran and Syria) to wander around the neighborhood spreading petrol dollars. They are going to have to provide labor, organization, and competence toward a rapid rebuild of damage incurred during fighting for their cause. Every misstep will aggravate the populace.

Hezbollah, enjoy your very own Katrina affect!!!

How much heavy machinery does Hezbollah have on site???

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