Saturday, January 13, 2007

Lib Martial Music: Over Here!!!, Over There, Over Where???

Re(1): Congressman John Murtha's Redeployment 'Plan'

Ok Libs, I Give – Tell Me Where to Redeploy

I have heard Democratic CongressCritters holler about a ‘Redeployment Plan’ for our fighting forces in Iraq. This implies a few things:

  1. That they know where to redeploy the troops
  2. That the troops can redeploy into Iraq if necessary
Given these two axioms, please use the comments to provide the country in which we can redeploy our 150,000 American troops – and still be scary enough to deter Islamofascist aggression.

Here are some factoids to take into consideration:

1. The ‘horizon line’ is 25 miles. Thus, to ‘deploy just over the horizon’ implies redeploying our troops a half hour outside of Baghdad. Here is a map of the Baghdad region for your perusal:

2. Maybe you are talking about the borders of Iraq. Redeploying ‘over the horizon’ of Iraq’s borders means a large military footprint in Iran, Saudi Arabia, or Syria. You could, of course, attempt to force Kuwait to accept a huge military infrastructure on their tiny territory – but that might not be too sensible if there is a threat of WMD attack (and Iran has, and has used, WMD). Jordan is land-locked and moving units through Israel to Jordan will not be popular with the new Caliphate or Terror State. Here is a map of the region you can use as a convenient tool to identify the sovereign state that would, and could, gladly accept our 150,000 troops:

3. Maybe, the horizon line extends to any part of the world reachable by the fastest terrestrial vehicle known to man. I think we have clocked jet cars at about 300 miles/hour on the salt flats. I think, however, that it will take some time to invent and build troop transport capable of 300 miles/hour. And, to do it in an environmentally safe manner might be impossible!

4. Maybe that horizon line is a Blackbird wing away. However, for this brilliant solution to succeed we have to overcome even more problems than noted in point 3.

Thus, I think those who take the challenge seriously must be restricted to the environs of Baghdad, the Anbar Province, or the nation states bordering Iraq. As a secondary challenge, please provide a military and tactical reason to surrender a hill taken – just to attack it again in the near future.

Where are we redeploying to? Your turn:

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