Monday, January 15, 2007

Adding and Deleting...

To All 5 Readers (or maybe just myself on five different machines, eh):

The Good:
The blog 'Back Talk' is now linked permanently in my blog roll. It has become one of the few I roll through (see below) when I have some time. His analysis using objective data is impressive. I think he has influenced my style without me knowing it. That style differs, but complements, the more subjective observations of Wretchard, MM, Atos, and the Anchoress. Obviously it differs from the on-site efforts of Roggio and Yon. Like Wretchard and Atos and Roggio he has a strategic overview sense of things. Always worth reviewing.

The Bad:
I hope this is not the case but it appears that SecurityWatchTower fell off the map. I don't know if C.S. Scott and the rest are just changing hosts or what. Regardless, their site is now mapped to an open domain. I regret this far more than most will ever know. SecurityWatchtower was one of the first three sites I would visit whenever I started a blog surf. The others being 'The Belmont Club', and Instapundit. That is not bad company. I know the folks at SecurityWatchtower peruse this site every once in a while - please point me to the new domain!!!

The Ugly:
But, rather funny... I am still banned from Brave Sir DeLong's (the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under President Clinton) slightly errant web-site. While not a brain surgeon, I can look at ratios and trends. Brad, if those ratios and trends do not change than your system is in stasis. The economy, and the federal budgets are at least in stasis. Maybe you are coming to that realization because you now have very few posts on the federal deficit. I value your vaunted opinion as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under
President Clinton
. Are you waiting for a terrorist hit to wipe out a city to bitch and whine about Bush's Budget Follies again!!! Come on Brad, give me a shot at the sycophants that post on your site - and don't delete the comments when they are objective, factual, and sourced - eh... Apparently Mr. DeLong - the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under President Clinton - deleted
ALL of my comments on the post in question
. It looks like your brain surgeon sycophants are arguing with a rock. Even Arianna Huffington was more honest with her readers than thee - she relinked the entire thread she was hammered in...


Mike Macgirvin said...

Any word on Security Watchtower? I can't seem to find them anywhere. I believe that C.S. had at least another domain or three but having trouble finding any of them either.


Kerry said...

At my place I've often written, "To my two readers..." You have FIVE?!!