Thursday, March 09, 2006

Air America in Phoenix seeking venture capitalists…

Re(1): 'How Long', The Radio Equalizer, Brian Maloney

Evil Right Wing Christian Wingnuts purchased Air America’s powerhouse station in Phoenix after collecting donations from two pancake breakfast fundraisers in February. The current owners apparently did not get their monthly check from the Boys and Girls Clubs of New York in a timely manner. We all know what happens when the rent check is always late.

And, Air America was just starting to make money. I mean, their ratings grew from a dominating 1.5 in the Summer 2005 season to an amazing 1.1 now. That is some growth, eh… Kinda like a cancerous growth on the brain… Maybe next quarter they will be at less than a 1 share – editor’s note: Air America Phoenix is actually pulling in a flat 0 share right now.

You can donate money (or actually loan them money) here: SaveAirAmericaPhoenix

Note: I would not recommend this investment be part of your long term retirement plan.

If you want to see just how close you are toward funding the effort to restart Air America at the Arizona Technical College radio station (with an audience reach of almost 3,452 residents) view this site: GotStation

And they have a blog you can leave a nifty comment on their blog...

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