Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Rhodent Lied, Truth Died…

Re(1): The Randi Rhodent Show,
Re(2): ‘2005 Freedom of the Press’, Freedom House
Re(3): 'Air America in Phoenix seeking venture capitalists…', Me

AKA: More Truth (partial and deceptive) Comming at You from Err America.

The Randi Rhodent ranted that the United States ranked 17th in Freedom House’s ‘2005 Freedom of the Press’ survey. Then she permitted a caller to spew that America must have been ranked 1st before ‘W’ was installed as dictator by the oil barron NeoCons. 17th in the world, eh… See how far we've fallen... BusHitler!!!

My antennae extended on that odd blather

Am I really living in the Gulag?

Ah, heart be still. When you get ‘information’ from a Rhodent always look at the primary source. How many silly little Libs are doing so right now – and if they are, can they figure out how the statistics were generated? Did your average Liberal Moonbat realize that there were no rankings higher than a 9? What’s up:

My question to the Randi Rhodent, did you read the survey?

It wasn’t that hard to figure out.

Here is how it works!!!

There are three categories (using 2005 America as an example):

Legal Environment: 5
Political Influences: 7
Economic Pressures: 5
Total: 17
So, Mrs. Rhodent, we are not ranked 17th. And, for the same reason we are not ranked 5th in ‘Legal Environment’ – for example, a fine socialists state like Cuba had a score of 38, they were not ranked 38th. We had a total score of 17 computed from three partial scores - and all those scores imply an extremely FREE press. So that makes the Rhodent a simpleton and a liar since she permitted some idiotic Lib to bloviate an untruth to her 16 listeners without correcting it.

So let us look at that score of 17. First, any score less than 30 means that the Press is FREE. Second, America has banded in the narrow range of between 12 and 17 for over a decade.

So, Randi, when were we ‘ranked’ 1 – you idiot.
Show me that survey - you idiot.

Study the documents before you lie about them!!!

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