Saturday, April 01, 2006

A Conversation on the War...

Some have asked: Why no discussion on the conflict in Iraq recently...

Breathlessly: Is it because of the civil war?
Breathlessly: Is it because of the mounting casualties?
Breathlessly: Is it because of BusHitlers cratering poll numbers?
Breathlessly: Is it because gas prices are increasing and Haliburton something or other?

It is because, for the time being at least, this is largely an Iraqi conflict. The Iraqis must win. We can support - but they have to fight. This is their battle. Afghanistan went through this; Iraq must pass through this as well. To me, the situation seems dicey - but improving.

I am watching the conflict through the eyes of experts. Please review:
The Fourth Rail
The Belmont Club
The Security Watchtower

As a piece of advice, don't waste your time with media flaks. Very few of them bring anything to the table; and those that do often require a Pravda review. When was the last time they provided valuable analysis on the conflict? They all missed the importance of the 'River Wars' for over six months of action. They missed the importance of Tal Afar. They missed the importance of the Sunni fragmentation. They are missing the importance of Zarqawi moving to the border region near Iran. They are missing the reduction of coalition casualties – and what that means. What else can they miss?

Personally, I am looking at the next theater in the GWOT - Iran. I do not think a military solution is inevitable. How long will Iran be able to continue nuclear development when sanctions are imposed by the UN? Has anyone reviewed a map centered on Iran? Sanctions imposed on Iran will be sanctions enforced on Iran - and they will be enforced by Americans who distictly remember the Iranian Hostage Crisis.

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