Thursday, April 27, 2006

Has the Electorate Moved…

To the Right of President George ‘W’ Bush

  • Porkbusters
  • Immigration
  • Port Management
  • Supreme Court Nominees

It sure seems as if President Bush is not conservative enough for the general electorate.
That may sound odd, but I am getting that feeling.
Isn’t that where we were at prior to 9/11?

  • Remember the steel tariffs
  • Remember the early immigration debate
  • Remember the stem cell research compromise.
  • Remember the ‘No Child Left Behind’ legislation.

This nation is moving rightward…
This should be very scary for the Liberal Elite…

One Simple Question:

Do you think the next President will be more or less conservative than President Bush?

P.S. Major Mike, I am trying hard to break out of the pyramid thing. I just can’t do it. I need an intervention… This is a cry for help…

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