Monday, April 17, 2006

This Should Have Happened Much Earlier…

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Major Mike is a contributor at

Apparently, he enjoyed a comment left at MySandmen enough to poke around here every once in a while. He mentioned that he would blogroll this site. He is being too nice: My site has had less than 2,500 visitors – including me!!! – in the entire year of its existence. I think Major Mike may have partaken in a bit too many adult libations preparing for ‘...against all enemies, foreign and domestic...’.

But, that does not mean I should not have blogrolled MySandmen as early as October 2005. I mean, since that time I have it in my IE Favorites list – and have frequented it often…

Isn’t that what a blogroll is all about….

Ain’t I setting up my blogroll for the Marines I work with…

And, adding a bit of history to boot…

I got smacked (delicately and with finesse) by Mr. Atos’s ‘Bangalore Torpedo...’ entry in Hugh Hewitt’s ‘Blog of the Week Contest’. My entry was ‘Hapless Toads Spotted In… Washington’. I am not embarrassed by my entry, but his was awesome… I am reading that series again… Was Atos not correct when he stated:

Roberts carried the first section of the torpedo directly into the fortifications, and even managed to gain a firm offensive position. Miers is taking the next section and pushing it further. She may or may not go all the way. And it may or may not be the complete objective. There could be more lengths to the torpedo carried behind by Brown, Jones, Owens, McConnel or Luttig. But, the intent of the President and his team may be to destroy as much of the defensive entanglement as possible in order to gain the actual objective firmly and decisively.

It is arguable that the Miers nomination paved the way a smoother Alito nomination – review Specter’s questioning. And, the Alito nomination – with all the biased and unsubstantiated acrimony the Left still managed to puke out – sets the stage for the next nomination. Now, with Supreme Court decisions that fit with mainstream America behind us it should be much easier to nominate conservative jurists who read the document they base their opinions on. A novel thought, eh.

After studying MySandmen (including that extremely long, but descriptive, sub-title) I have included the site on my BlogRoll as follows:

My Sandmen, Reassembling the Fundamentals



Major Mike said...

Boghie...we're on to your obsession with our titles...we're not going to give in to your blogoshperic may be right, but we have a right to publish...long titles or not.

Thanks again for the ink. Mr. Atos is extremely busy this week, and since he is stingy with the site keys, I am not able to give you the blogroll you deserve...great site...we'll try to roll you some traffic...if you get off the title thing and get a big screen blog.

And I never blog after more than three or four G&Ts...except on days that end in "y". Best regards. MM

Major Mike said...

Ohhh...I get it, Mr. Semi-Pyramidic Blogroll List Person...soon you will have to set aside your prose and commentary in favor of you obsessive compulsive, blogroll shape fetish, but hey, if you need some long title suggestions...we're your one-stop place to shop. Cheers. I'll push Mr. A to get you rolled. Love your site. MM

Mr.Atos said...

We all concur with Mike on this one! Great site and content. You have been added, My Friend. Stay on our six all you want. Judging by your posts, we're sure to trade six for twelve with you often.