Sunday, April 30, 2006

Greedy Bastards Got Us into ‘A War For Oil’

Re(1): 'Iraq Index', The Brookings Institute - Pages 29 - 31

The ‘War for Oil’ argument implies a mercantile arrangement where our oil industry coerces resources (oil) and our nation state sells finished products. Additionally, the connotation behind the word mercantilism is that there is an uneven power relationship between empire and colony.

So, let us look at the numbers:

Internal Use
March 2003 (est),000
March 20062.11.320.7896,300

So, if we are rapaciously stealing resources from a subject territory, why has the internal use of those resources grown rapidly?

Why have the colonial western powers permitted Iraqis planes, trains, and automobiles?

Is the internal use by Iraq beneficial to our selfish happiness?

Why are we allowing the Iraqi economy to grow?

Why are we so sluggard in expanding our empire?

I can’t quite figure it out….

* That Iraq Index report is a tremendous resource!!!

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