Thursday, April 20, 2006

Great Opportunities to Cut and Run :-)

Re(1): 'General Amnesia', PoliPundit, Lorie Byrd
Re(2): 'George B. McClellan', Wikipedia
Re(3): 'Copperheads (politics)', Wikipedia
Re(4): 'Democrats Pledge to 'Elimidate' Osama!!!', BoghieOnYourSix, Me

I have been commenting in a very interesting post by Lorie Byrd in PoliPundit - namely, 'General Amnesia'. When the Lefties struck I had to ask a few questions:

General McClellan was a theater commander during the American Civil War. When he retired he was a strident critic of the way the war was being run. When retired General McClellan ran for President in 1864 he ran on a platform that said:
  • The war is immoral
  • We are losing the war
  • The war is being run badly
  • We did not have to fight this war
When did Abraham Lincoln show the proper respect for General McClellan and redeploy Union forces outside the theater of conflict – or, simply pull Union forces back and thus ending the fight with the Confederacy.

Another example,

There were many prominent figures, military and industrial and political and celebrity, who did not believe in the war on Germany (WWII European front). There were many reasons for this. But, our strategy was to fight Germany first and only then turn our priority to Japan. We fought a holding pattern against Japan for years while our priority was Germany.

When did FDR simply stop fighting Hitler in World War II?

Was it after Rommel crushed the Americans in the beginning of Operation Torch?
How about after the mauling we took in Italy?
How about when we could not break through after landing on the beaches of Normandy?

When was it?

Why didn’t FDR listen to all these luminaries?

Was it because he was not confident in Hitler’s overtures of peace?


Major Mike said...

You have caught is , and always has been about these generals' egos. Having been cut out of the pattern (for promotion) for whatever reasons, they simply cannot get past the fact that their career expectations were cut short, and they are too immature to accept that their role for their service has ended and they need to get past it. Instead, they fuel the enemy with their insubordination, and jeopardize our men and women in the field...good luck with that leadership looks like Rumsfeld was right in giving them the boot. MM

Mr.Atos said...

One might recall there being another General who shared similar sentiments about Lincoln and his War. At least Lee had the integrity to go fight on the other side.