Saturday, June 18, 2005

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Re(1): 'Did Lucy Ramerez Find the Downing Street Memos', CaptainsQuartersBlog, Captain Ed
Re(2): 'Memos Show Brittish Concern Over Iraq Plans', AP, Thomas Wagner

To the Democrat/Media Party,

The bell tolls for thee...

The 'Times of London' reporter Mike Smith skillfully (honestly??? yuk, yuk) retyped the smoking gun documents those legions of the Left call 'THE DOWNING STREET MEMOS' onto plain paper to protect his anonymous source. He then destroys the originals.


With the American public showing a whopping 19% confidence level in your field of expertise you destroy your evidence.

Maybe you should have notified the Randi Rhodent (Err America ranter) and Congressman Conyers of this little problem before they jumped into their Birkenstocks and Burlap Sacks for their little march on Washington - with tens of other people.

That impeachment ‘hearing’ is funnier by the second. No real smoking gun. Potentially phony documents. anti-Semitic rants. Form Letters of Condemnation. Almost tens of people on the march. And some of the Left’s most qualified luminaries as witnesses.

Careers are made when you accuse based on retyped copies of reasonable facsimiles of fairly clear copies of fourth party interpretations of 'secret' meetings. Smith's career just shifted into overdrive - clunk, clank, drag, drip...

Mr. Wagner (AP Reporter in linked source story). I think the retyping of the memos show concern over the accuracy of the memos. I think I am concerned that you did not pick this up. I think I am concerned about my unimpeachable sources. I think I will put your byline on my Spam News Service filter. Stupid. Very Stupid.

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