Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Left asks how we lost, we have another question

Re(1): 'By Other Means 3', The Belmont Club, T.C. Wretchard
Re(2): 'Walking the Line', Michael Yon: Online Magazine, Michael Yon

The Left asks how we could have possibly lost the War on Terror - knowing intrinsically that we have lost. See, we are still fighting!!!

But another question, one far more important, and one far less infantile presents itself:

How do we know when we have won???

This is also an important question.

Is the answer going to be we will know victory when we see it??? I can accept that – I guess.


Michael Yon:

It's important to talk with Generals: they are all very smart or they wouldn't
be Generals, but a General says what he wants people to hear, and sometimes they
do lay it on pretty thick. I wanted to meet soldiers. Combat soldiers in
particular. And combat soldiers before, during and after combat operations.
That's the only place to figure out who is winning and losing this war. "Winning"
meaning the Iraqis embrace and protect their freedom and most
of our folks come home.
Losing meaning something other
than this, up to and including to any dreaded stasis.

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