Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Military Listens to Ted the Swimmer...

Re(1): 'The Fat, Alcoholic Slob That Cried Wolf', Froggy Ruminations, Matthew Heidt

Senator Kennedy, take this to heart:

Kennedy himself and his liberal colleagues in Congress are waging an ill advised war against the United States that is most certainly a quagmire. The DNC is dying. Ted Kennedy is a deadender. He is a suicide bomber but his munitions are low order detonations that destroy the bearer and leave only a mess for bystanders to gawk at.

Uuummmm, in the right way...

Remember, Kennedy supports the troops...
As does Durbin
As does Kerry
As does MoveOn.org
As does International ANSWER
As do all the Congress Critters that funded our military at 2.5% of GDP

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