Monday, June 06, 2005

I’m proud of myself today…

re(1): 'Making $87M, Paying Same Percent Income, Medicare, Soc. Sec. Taxes as Those Making $50,000', NYT via HuffingtonPost, David Kay Johnston

I looked at the HuffingtonPost today - actually a very attractive and well laid out site. I was going to lob a scud here and tell the world that most of her conservative guest writers don’t seem to be writing much when I came across the NYT slop about the poor paying the same income tax at the super wealthy…

Only a Lib would actually link to this article… Yuk, yuk…

Here are the flaws:
It used Year 2000 (Y2K) data to prove its point
It blames the BusHitler tax cuts for increasing the income gap
The headline implies that a chump like me pays the same tax as a chump like Bill Gates.

Uuuuummmmm, Arrreaaaaannnnnnna - and the mensas at the NYT:
Year 2000 taxes were still using President Clinton’s regulations.
The first BusHitler tax cut (a whopping $300 per dependent) occurred in 2001.
The major tax cuts were enacted for the 2003 tax year…
And the super rich got a massive 1.2% reduction in the upper income tax bracket.

Why am I proud.

I wrote two well reasoned posts on her site and another a bit smarmier. I guess reminding the author of ‘Pigs at the Trough’ that she partaked in some rather aggressive tax avoidance in the recent past was a bit over the top. Arianna, you paid NO federal income tax in 2002 and only $700 in California State income tax. Arianna, don’t run for public office on a populist message when you pay your tax attorneys more than most pay in taxes. Instead, consider picking up a few pounds and pay into the Democratic Machine…

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