Saturday, December 03, 2005

A New Favorite

Re(1): 'The Rise, Peak, Decline and Defeat of Iraq's Insurgency',, Mixed Humor

Mixed Humor tracks four distinct phases of Iraq's insurgency.

To tempt the six or so folks who actually seem to have this blog in their favorites:
Ultimately 2006 is poised to be a transitional year with more achievements and successes, and more work remains. Certainly there will be violence in Iraq for a long period of time, but the tide has tipped on an insurgency that offers no political alternatives, is experiencing inner divisions between the different groups, has suffered tremendous losses of key leadership and other personnel, and is increasingly seeing their areas of operations challenged.

Tremendous consolidation of coalition/insurgent/civilian statistics...

This article obviously belongs in the 'My Favorite Posts'...

Very Nice Summary...

Recommended Reading List:
'The End of the Beginning', BelmontClub, Wretchard TC
'The Battle for Mosul IV', MichaelYon, Michael Yon
'Oh Bla Di, Oh Bla Da', BoghieOnYourSix, Me


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