Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Party of Nothing…

Our nation’s polity depends on an adversarial two party system.

We are now a one party state. The only party is the Republican Party. The Democratic Party is all over but the crying. There is no debate from a viable Left. There is no viable Left.

Can one imagine a Howard Dean, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, or John Murtha as the leader of a great nation at war? I am not even whining about their current wailing. I cannot envision these leaders of a pathetic clique ever convincing this great nation that anything at all is worth fighting for. Nothing is worth fighting for.

Can one envision Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, or Charles Schumer as leaders of a great nation requiring clear, strong, and decisive leadership? For years now they seem evasive, opportunistic, and conflicted. Nothing they say is believable. Nothing is worth standing for.

Will Americans vote for people they cannot trust, for people who stand for nothing, for people so conflicted they defend nothing? I think not, and increasingly so.

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