Saturday, December 03, 2005


Re(1): 'Two al Qaeda leaders killed in seperate incidents', SecurityWatchTower, Mixed Humor
Re(2): 'The Unstoppable IED', BelmontClub, Wretchard TC
Re(3): 'The Marines in Fallujah', HughHewitt, Hugh Hewitt

1. Americans Bombing Insurgents in Pakistan, Civilian Casualties
‘Human Rights Watch’ is seeking donations of computers and word processors from pacifists the world over. Modern equipment is needed to publicly decry President Bush’s use of assassination in the war on terror… Additionally, America is once again not respecting the sovereign borders of a sovereign nation. As we all know, al Qaeda is in Afghanistan, not Pakistan. Scores, I mean tens, actually ones, of civilian young Arab jihadi innocents die in attack. Other conflicted, but certain, Leftists honorably change their 2001 written opinions that President Bush should have sent assassination squads into Afghanistan to kill Osama bin Laden - and only Osama bin Laden. It is now believed that targeted assassination is just as wrong as an illegal and immoral war. Find another way, but not in our name.

2. Insurgent Collapses Building on Self after Russians Scare Him
“Abu Omar Mohammed bin Abdullah al-Saif, a Saudi al Qaeda commander in Chechnya” committed ritual, heroic, some would say Hannibalistic, suicide by exploding a piece of random ordinance he was carrying with him (for whatever reason). A Chechen doctor carrying a Kalashnikov rifle factually stated that the building was an orphanage in which a wedding party taking place. Thousands of women and children and Abu himself died in the conflagration.

3. Americans Victims of Super Weapons, Have NO Answer…

A roadside bomb kills ten Marines, wounds eleven. A coerced informant tip results in a strike from out of the blue - without giving the jihadis a chance to defend themselves. Thousands of innocent insurgents and acquaintances die every month as a result of the cowardly use of missiles, artillery, and other advanced weaponry. To combat American hegemony, France is seeking UN support in outlawing the use of missiles, rockets, advanced radios, aircraft, aircraft carriers, helicopters, armored vehicles, and military spending in excess of 1% of GDP. If even the French can’t compete in high tech warfare, what are we to say about our insurgent competitors?

Everyday, remind yourself that your nation, country, and civilization are at war...

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