Wednesday, December 14, 2005

None for you…

To the Hard Left,
When November 2006 rolls around please understand you will get no credit for:
  • Victory in Iraq
  • Democracy in Iraq
  • Birth of Freedom for millions
  • A Democratic Ally in the Middle East
  • A Growing GDP
  • Full Employment
  • A Shrinking Deficit

You have painted yourselves, and the decrepit Democratic Party, into a corner where predictions of doom and gloom die an inglorious and embarrassing death. The internet, with its ability to store the written word, the telling sound byte, and the irrefutable video clip will not reflect well on your ignorant and silly clique. You will be forgiven, but not forgotten. The web will destroy any attempt by any future Nostradamus diviners in the media to recreate your legacy. Their interpretation of Dean/Kerry/Kennedy/Pelosi/Murtha quatrains will fail miserably in comparison with contemporary discussion by the likes of Fernandez, Roggio, and Mixed Humor

I now give you nothing, ever…

You ARE a waste of time and space...

You get NO credit for the birth of freedom in the Middle East; and the integration of those millions into the community of civilized nations.

Enjoy your decades in the wilderness…

I know this entry is forever, as are this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this

Those are mine; see ‘My Favorite Posts’ for a small set of fine projections from primary sources…

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Fred K said...

You can bet they will try to trumpet their "vote for the war" and not mention their "vote against the war" except to the moonbat convention.

The Blogs will strike back.

Political Fred