Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Predicting the Lefty Response – A Redux!!!

Re(1): 'Waiting For Rita',, Michelle Malkin

It is simply unkind to predict the Lefts response before their talking heads start spinning. It's just too easy, too simple, too boring... Hopefully it will be more challenging to summon prophesies days before the event and the subsequent caterwauling. Kindof like Nostradamus or like the Bible Code scholars!!!

  • The Cops will not desert
  • The FEMA response will be OK
  • The evacuation will be successful
  • The National Guard will be mobilized
  • There will be nobody stuck in the Astrodome without food and water
  • There will be nobody dying in hospitals or elder care centers
  • There will be nobody shooting at emergency vehicles
  • There will be a crushing increase in the price of fuel
Now the Lefty Response:
  1. BusHitler jumped to support a Red State
  2. Err America’s watchful eyes saved the world
  3. Halliburton will get all the rebuilding contracts
  4. Our tax dollars are going to rebuild the big oil companies
  5. BushCo (Halliburton, Bechtel, and greedy oil) will gouge Americans on fuel prices

Conservative Knee Jerk Responses:

  1. Louisiana is a Red State
  2. Who is Err America, anyway?
  3. Halliburton signed a contract to rebuild military bases a year ago
  4. Libs will consider the rebuilding of roads and infrastructure a corporate subsidy
  5. Please idiotarians, about 30% of our refining capability has been wiped within four weeks.
Now, {{ahem}} the proper response:
  • Red Governance is simply better than Blue Governance…

Watch and see!!!

UPDATE: Mrs. Malkin, thank you for the link on

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TC said...

"Err America"
"Air Idiot"

I was hammering those wahoos before Brian Maloney or Miss Malkin got their bloggy feet wet in the dreck.