Saturday, September 03, 2005

Channeling the Randi Rhodent

As Wretchard often notes: Speculation Alert - this is a predictive channeling of my favorite Err America Host!!!


All those people getting conned into the military. Many of them from Louisiana and Mississippi. They are poor. They have no jobs. Bush destroyed their lives. They are being lied to right now.

Did you listen to the deserter I just interviewed. He told you he joined the military after the tsunami relief and never expected to go to Afghanistan. To Afghanistan… Hear me - TO AFGHANISTAN. He is not going to the next tsunami relief effort. He is not preparing for the next tsunami relief effort. He is not waiting for the next tsunami relief effort. He is not writing SOPS for future generations to aid in the next tsunami relief effort. This kid went through boot camp, infantry school, advanced infantry tactics, advanced weapons training and then straight to Afghanistan as an untrained high school brat. He is just 25 years old.

Don’t they [Karl Rove and BusHitler] have any morals? Don’t they [Karl Rove and BusHitler] have a conscience? They lie, lie, and lie some more.

These kids thought they were going out to save poor black people from hurricanes. Bush is taking these kids to war for Halliburton. They did not know the military fights Bush’s Wars of Aggression. Did you know Bush signed a contract last year with Halliburton to give them all the money for hurricane relief? These children are going to be ordered to massacre and torture people – and they will have to do it. I just had Seymour Hersh on. He told you so. He speaks the truth. Abu Ghraib. The Pentagon Papers. Hersh is my god!!!

And so forth.

One can only hope I was hearing voices - but I know these people like every inch of my glorious naked body. Oops...

Just joking, you don't have to be Rush Limbaugh to predict the actions of moonbats. I think the above will bellow from the microphone in October - once the National Guard makes their annual recruiting goals.

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