Thursday, September 01, 2005

THE Answer to the Left Wing Carping...

re(1): '100 Hours After Stormfall',, The Anchoress?

After getting mentioned in PoliPundit, I was watching my visit count go into the stratospheric (but still low) three digits on Site Meter when I found a refering site I hadn't seen before. I do not know how the author of the Anchoress, or a reader of that blog, knew about my site but I am happy I followed the link. It is awesome.

There is NO better discussion of the scope of the disaster and the actions taken, and being taken, to mitigate it. Read the entire post - '100 Hours After Stormfall'.

You want to address the Bush Bashing
You want to address the City/State Government Bashing (of which I am guilty)
You want to address the righty whine about foreign government support
You want to address the activation of the US Military
You want to address the stupid left wing ranting going on at Err America

Read the post...

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