Saturday, September 03, 2005

An Army/Navy/Air Force/Marine Corps/Coast Guard to believe in...

Osama and Moonbats,

This is starting to look like an advertisement for our Active Duty and Reserve military. A fine and good military which serves and secures a fine and good nation... Hurts, doesn't it.

You are going to really have to look hard for baby killers. And the murderers of 100,000 dark skinned civilians. Seymore Hersh, write an article about the rapes and killings that occurred in the Superdome. Blame it on the military or something. Tell the world that Bush and Rumsfeld and Cherthoff ordered those miscreants to act the way they did – maybe some memo somewhere. I hope you fall into the crap you seek.

Personally, I am watching the media lionize the Federal response and our military. Maybe, just maybe, some of the embeds from Operation Iraqi Freedom will win the internal media battles and we can see our military for what we and they are. It is going to be damn hard to denigrate our military and our military leadership now.

Betcha military recruitment explodes this month.

Betcha even the Army Reserve and National Guard exceed the annual recruitment goal – and they are down 20% to date. Hey, Grand Rhodent of Err America, less than a month to go to reach the annual goals. I will make that bet. And don’t try to BS me – I can get access to the raw numbers.

Betcha the chap that holds the position of ‘Commander In Chief’ sees a bit of polling rebound.

And I’ll bet that the Media Party tells the world his resurgence is due to good weather or something or other…

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