Tuesday, September 27, 2005

AQRD, Iraq - Iraq Training Ground Par Excellence...

Re(1): 'Oil Spots and Maneuver', The Belmont Club, Wretchard T.C.
Re(2): 'U.S. Special Forces kill al Qaeda's # 2 in Iraq', The Security Watchtower, Mixed Humor
Re(3): 'The Chopping Block', The Fourth Rail, Bill Hobbs
Re(4): 'Saudi Arabia's Most Wanted', The Security Watchtower, Mixed Humor
Re(5): 'Israeli airstrikes kill Islamic Jihad Chief', The Security Watchtower, Mixed Humor
Re(6): 'Five al Qaeda suspects captured in Somaliland', The Security Watchtower, Mixed Humor
Yes, it is true. Iraq is a the Islamofascist Training Ground:

From Wretchard: 'Oil Spots and Maneuver'

But the worst of it is the wastage to cadres. Those who write that body counts are a meaningless metric to apply against the insurgency ignore the fact that formations which sustain heavy casualties lose their organizational memory while those who suffer lightly retain them. Lt. Col. Joseph L'Etoile is on his third and half of his men are on their second tours of Iraq . For Abu Nasir and many of his foreign fighters, the memory of what to avoid next time has been lost on this, their last tour of Iraq.

A list of the Recruit Training Commanders:
'U.S. Special Forces kill al Qaeda's # 2 in Iraq'
And, one of the commanders resigns his commission:
'The Chopping Block'

And even better, things are looking up in aQRD, Saudi Arabia - the financial center:
'Saudi Arabia's Most Wanted'

Side note: There seems to be some attrition at IJRD, Gaza as well:

'Israeli airstrikes kill Islamic Jihad Chief'

The al Qaeda Blotter:

'Five al Qaeda suspects captured in Somaliland'

IEDs are insurmountable and terrorist organizations do not need experienced leadership.

Always, always get your news from journalists. They received a college degree in media!!! They know what they are talking about when it comes to military strategy - I mean, weren't Rommel, Patton, Sherman, Pericles, Caesar, Augustus, Grant, and Epimenides etc (no particular order) journalists. All information should come from Paul Krugman, Annie Applebaum, Robert Scheer, etc...

We have lost all. Get your burquas tailored... Start growing your beard... It is only time...

And I'm sure the anti-war protesters are protesting al Qaeda recruiting in madras high schools. At least wait till the recruits go through puberty before getting them into the action. Fourteen years old is just too young. Marines goe through 11 weeks of basic training, 2 weeks of SOI, and then constant training while on active service. al Qaeda recruits cross the border, join some terrorist cell, and immediately go on a mission.

Note: aQRD, Iraq is a play on the Marine Corps acronym of MCRD San Diego. MCRD San Diego stands for Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego. aQRD, Iraq stands for al Qaeda Recruit Depot, Iraq.

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