Saturday, September 03, 2005

An Exploitable Pattern...

Re(1): ‘Lowry: Lawlessness in New Orleans is a national disgrace’, Salt Lake Tribune, Rich Lowry
Re(2): ‘Mandatory Evacuation ordered for New Orleans’, Associated Press, 2005/08/28
Re(3): ‘City of New Orleans Hurricane Plan’, City of New Orleans


Update (2005/09/03 1419 PST)

A Few Things:
No sites were specified in the Hurricane Plan
The sites, when specified, were to be provisioned by the City
The city was responsible for emergency transportation from evacuation centers

More things:
President Bush pleaded with Governor to evacuate the city on August 28,2005
The evacuation order took place Sunday, August 28, 2005
People were told by the Mayor to go to the Superdome as part of the plan
People were already arriving at the Superdome as early as Sunday morning

The Mayor of New Orleans

told those who had to move to the Superdome to come with enough food for several days and with blankets. He said it will be a very uncomfortable place and encouraged everybody who could to get out.

When partying in the French Quarters we call this Bring Your Own Beer

The storm hit Monday
The levies broke Tuesday…

Question: Did New Orleans follow the policing and leadership model of a Giuliani New York?

This city was doomed at any large scale emergency…

Shall we look at Los Angeles, San Fransisco, and Chicago before Osama turns his eyes westward? Do these great metropolitan centers also suffer from the same acceptance of lawlessnes as New Orleans. Are their local and state leadership still looking for 'root causes' of crime? Now, bin Laden has to realize he doesn't need to kill massive numbers of people. He only has to destabalize the unstable.

Update (2005/09/03 1419 PST):
Looks like the esteemed Mayor of New Orleans could have evacuated to the Louis Armstrong International Airport - about 120 miles closer to the action than where he actually went... And it is an airport... By that I mean a transportation, supply, and telecommunications hub. Don't mean anything by that comment - of course...

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