Friday, September 02, 2005

She Jumped the Shark!!!

Re(1): '100 Hours After Stormfall',, The Anchoress
Re(2): ‘Hate Won’t Feed a Hungry Hurricane Victim’,, Lorie Byrd
Re(3): ‘Rhodes: Bush Happy’,, Brian Maloney
Re(4): ‘Predicting the Lefty Response’,, Me

Read the references and see for yourself how low a turd can go…

Follow it out to sea,
Where it is pumped by the city sewer system,
With the force to pop it right over a great white shark...

The Grand Rhodent of Err America spoke thus (paraphrased, maybe Brian Maloney can find tape 2005/09/02):

Bush is using the Katrina hurricane to kill and disburse poor black Democrats. Bush is actively relocating these Democrats deep into red states where they will not affect elections. He is trying to rig the gubernatorial and mayoral elections of Louisiana and New Orleans through death and forced relocations…

And then she ranted about BusHitler’s friends getting control of all the beach front land for redevelopment…

Halliburton is going to get all the money for rebuilding whatever damage is caused by the hurricane as a result of a contract signed by Bush in 2004.


Senator Durbin, that is your cue. Sir, please use a Gulag analogy this time..

I used to listen to some Err America to see how the other half views things. I have commented that Jerry Springer really is ‘The Voice of Reason’ at Err America – most of the others are off their meds. There have been other oddities and some financial misgivings – yuk, yuk. But nothing like this. This is a dangerous parody. If it was funny South Park would have already done it - it is not funny.

When something jumps the shark it is in actuality a final cry for attention. When the Fonz did it his show was in the tank. The episode was highly publicized to get whatever interest was possible.

The Fonz’s last fans viewed utter and complete nonsense.

Anyone else want to speak at the funeral/celebration…

Someone, please find tape of Randi flying over the shark. It occurred a bit over an hour into the ‘show’

You know how pundits and blog authors complain that stupid Senatorial comments are used by al Jazeera to pump up the 'militants'. We might want to look at how CNN feeds Err America. Kinda odd that an unbiased news organization like CNN and Err America have such a symbiotic relationship. Any crackpot statement or concept hatched by one appears in the other. Nice that CNN provides the 'news' feed for Err America.

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