Saturday, September 03, 2005

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Re(1): '100 Hours After Stormfall',, The Anchoress
Re(2): ‘Hate Won’t Feed a Hungry Hurricane Victim’,, Lorie Byrd
Re(3): ‘Rhodes: Bush Happy’,, Brian Maloney
Re(4): ‘Predicting the Lefty Response’,, Me

To all,

I actually surfed to the after seeing the site appear on my 'Site Meter'. This site is now in my personal blog roll. I noted that Lorie Byrd of linked as a result of a comment, but couldn't figure out where the traffic from The Anchoress was coming from. Well, the Anchoress linked in the body of the best post on the Katrina relief effort I have found... To both, thanks - I guess... I don't advertise my blog. I started it so I did not have to provide an email address.

Here is the post I think The Anchoress wanted to direct to: 'Predicting the Lefty Reponse...'
If you got here from somewhere else, here is the Anchoress post mentioned above: '100 Hours after Stormfall'
Here is the post from PoliPundit: 'Unbelievable'
Another greate PoliPundit post: 'Even More Unbelivable'

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