Wednesday, September 28, 2005

March 2005 was a Good Month...

I was reviewing my SiteMeter and noted some oddities...
  1. Apparently Mixed Humor at 'Security Watchtower' surfed over from his SiteMeter list. Mixed Humor writes exceptionally well on an exceptional site. Thank you for poking around... And thank Bill Roggio of 'The Fourth Rail' for linking to the 'Security Watchtower'.
  2. And I noted that someone surfed to the March 2005 archives and spent some time there - intrigued, so did I. What was of interest back in Paleolithic era of Spring 2005.
The complete March 2005 Archive:
  1. In 'NeoCons To UN, World Bank, and State', I spent some time defining the NeoCon movement and what the success of NeoCon objectives would look like - as well as what failure would mean. This post was written during the Wolfowitz transition to the World Bank kafuffle and the beginnings of the Bolton to U.N. fiasco. Six months later I have to ask caterwauling Lefties if all the bloviation was worth it. Two of your favorite multi-national entities are being reinvigorated and reinvented.
  2. In 'Betting on Inside Straights' I discussed what the geo-political world would look like in 2008 when the next American President is elected. Even now, it is starting to seem odd to wail about the war in Iraq. If the Iraqi Constitution is ratified the hollering will seem positively insane!!! I like the odds of each of the trend lines coming to fruition.
  3. In 'The Net Never Forgets...' I went back nine months in history to a great post and discussion that occurred in 'The Command Post'. The topic revolves around foreign fighter infiltration from Syria into Iraq, how it could be resolved, and future projections if the Iraq endeavor succeeds... For those who wanted success, it is heartening to review a challenge by Julius (a sensible Lefty) - and what actually happened as of March 2005. It only looks better now. Sometimes it is refreshing to look at matrices with the full benefit of 20/20 hindsight.

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