Saturday, December 31, 2005

2006 New Year's Predictions!!!

Re(1): 'Predictions for 2006', , Political Fred
Re(2): 'The Net Never Forgets',, Me

I was going to blather about predictions for 2006 when I started surfing though my blog roll... Alas, Political Fred's synopses fired before any of my caffeine induced nodes awoke...

Predictions are fun. For example, in June 2004 I got into a tussle with someone named Julius on the 'Command Post' regarding the direction Iraq would subsequently take. So, naturally someone as cocky as I would have to review the wager at a later date in 'The Net Never Forgets'. Check out the original Command Post discussion - quite wide ranging...

So here are some aditional projections to think about:
  1. Iran gets sanctioned - effectively (look at map)
  2. Iraq will no longer be the major combat theater in the GWOT
  3. Afghanistan will move farther away from active combat in the GWOT
  4. Pakistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt will become combat zones in the GWOT (1)
  5. The Hard Left will drag the Center Left into political oblivion in America
    Senate: 58 Republicans, 42 Democrats
    House: ~235, Republicans, ~200 Democrats
    Media: Krugman and Scheer scale lifestyle downward (2)

Predictions can be dangerous - will the above post land in my 'My Flameouts' (currently empty) blogroll of shame!!!

(1) I think, however, that only Syria and possibly Pakistan will require American forces. Saudi Arabia and Egypt seem to be moving smartly forward using their 'police' forces.

(2) And there will be another huge media scandal prompted by bias and topic ignorance. How long are we going to trust the ignorant to report on the complicated - especially when their biases taint their view?

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