Monday, August 08, 2005

Cyprus and Istanbul, Vacation in Paradise

re(1): 'Al Qaeda Magazine Published Openly in Turkey', LittleGreenFootballs, Charles Johnson

Hey Colin (a friend and work partner), Cyprus has changed in the past thirty years!!!

It is now a giant tourist trap with beautiful buildings, cities, and resorts – not to mention tourists of rather large girth… However, for the single men among you, the women of Turkey are fantastically beautiful – awaiting digital photos to demonstrate the proof. The better half of Turkey has actually overcome my previous favorite – Italy!!! I am already preparing my wife for some of these photos :-}

Istanbul is a beautiful city with great people. The best comparison I can think of is to take the best elements of San Francisco and San Diego and throw them into a single melting pot. The old world charm of San Francisco with the openness and weather of San Diego. What a blast.

Regarding the reference, had I known I could have gotten a copy of this fine magazine I would have certainly sought it out. My rather limited experience in Istanbul rather emphasizes that Turkey is, and will be, a target of radical Islamofascist. This country is very European, very open, very tolerant, and very agressively secularist.

My comment to my fellow travelers is: What would be the effect of Turkey reestablishing itself as the center of Islam – rather than, for example, Saudi Arabia and Iran? One could wish…

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