Friday, August 19, 2005

I shouldn't do this, but...

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I do not know why I posted this on a dead post on a low brow lib site, but (with some enhancements)...


This is probably a dead thread, but for some reason I keep hearing the ‘Chicken Hawk’ screech emanating from the maw of the many libs. You wonder why the relatives of congressmen/women are so underrepresented in the active duty military.

Chicken Hawk,
Chicken Hawk,
Chicken Hawk.

Good, get it out of your system.

I first viewed your site as a link from the site. Glad to be back - from Google this time.

Here are the stats you were looking for:

73,597,731 - Population of military age
1,427,000 - Size of active duty military

1.9% - Ratio of those serving to those of age to serve

The problems with these stats are as you noted. They do not factor in the education, physical, and mental requirements for enlistment into our military. For example, many of our brilliant public school High School ‘graduates’ cannot pass the entrance tests to join the Marine Corps. Many more are too fat to ever do the two pull-ups required. Others fail dope tests – the USMC has no tolerance for dope usage and their personnel are tested frequently.

Now, a quick review via Google demonstrates that at least 10 relatives of Congressmen are on active duty in the United States Military. Here are the stats of interest:

525 - Population of Congress Critters
10 - Population of Critter Kids in Active Duty

1.9% - Ratio of kiddies serving to Congress Critters serving

Thus, and this will surprise you, the ratio of close relatives of Congress Critters serving in the military is significantly higher than that found in the general population. Why, how can that be? Simple, Congress Critters are generally in their 50’s and 60’s. Thus, the average rugrat is in his/her 30’s and 40’s. At that age, many of the Critter Kids are too old to enlist, and/or have already served in the armed forces prior to the GWOT.

Maybe you were referencing the difference in enlistment of kiddies by the political party of their Congressional Poppas. Here is gets clearer:

231 + 55 = 286 - Population of Republican Congress Critters
8 - Republican Critter Kiddies on active duty
2.8% - Ratio of Republican Critter Kiddies serving

203 + 44 = 247 - Population of Democratic Congress Critters
2 - Democratic Critter Kids on active duty
0.8% - Ratio of Democratic Critter Kiddies serving

There does appear to be a difference...

Make your own observations...