Monday, August 22, 2005

Patrick Ruffini's Staw Poll

re(1): 'August Straw Poll: The Big One',, Patrick Ruffini
re(2): 'Daly Thoughts',, Gerry Daly

Are you a serious center right political junkie?
Did you follow Gerry Daly's Election College Breakdown in 2004?

or are you a clueless LOP (Low Output Person) who voted for the prettiest candidate in 2004.

If you follow elections then be certain to visit the Ruffini and Daly sites. Very different, but very informative. And, both are now tracking things of current interest - no moonbattery about Ohio or Florida, that game ended months and years ago.

However, if you want to see how conservative candidates might fair with the conservative base check out Patrick Ruffini's new straw pole of likely and fantasy candidates for 2008. I voted, so should you:

Patrick Ruffini's August 2005 Staw Poll

And, yes: That is more of Patrick's fine work at the bottom of the blog. Scroll down to see how President Bush's Social Security Plan affects you...

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