Friday, August 26, 2005

Arianna in the Wrong Weight Class - Against VDH

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re(2): ‘Huffington and Hanson Debate on US Foreign Policy’, EditorAndPublisher, E&P Staff
re(3): ‘I’m Proud of Myself Today’, BoghieOnYourSix, Roger Bogh
re(4): ‘Making $87M, Paying Same Percent Income, Midicare, Soc. Sec. Taxes as those Making $50,000’, HuffingtonPost posting based on NYT by David Kay Johnston

Uh, Ariana…

You took an entire blog post, 'Making $87M, Paying Same Percent Income, Medicare, Soc. Sec. Taxes as Those Making $50,000' (you copied the contents, excised my comments, and posted using a different URL - very tricky of you), off your vaunted when yours truly guided readers to the fact that you use some rather aggressive tax avoidance strategies to feed at the trough. That was fun, real fun… However, it is considered very bad blog etiquette to remove authored posts and topical comments. When you post, and get whipped, take it like the grown woman I know you to be. Don’t try to send the post and comments down the memory hole.

Please make note of my currently empty ‘My Flameouts’ Section. That section will be a running link list of my blog entries that are proven stupid or wrong. Anybody can be wrong – and not even lie and be wrong, just wrong…

Now, for the topic at hand…

Arianna, you could not handle me. I read books by Victor Davis Hanson. I watch documentaries of which he is a part. I read his blog. I study all I can on topics discussed by him. His most prescient topic might be called American Imperialism by the ignorant left. Arianna, that is you – you are the ignorant left. I am not trying to be insulting, but…

Arianna, do not debate Victor Davis Hanson on ‘American Imperialism’ three days after 9/11 remembrances. I do not care if you think the audience will be in your court. Hanson has dealt with much stronger foes than you in much nastier environments. He has spent his adult life around professorial adult children. He has a dry sense of humor. He is soft spoken. He is an expert – and all in attendance will know he is the subject matter specialist.

Arianna, visit the C-SPAN website to view the mauling Richard Perle executed on Howard Dean. It was not pretty.

Your career as a lightweight lib will be destroyed.

Arianna, get your handlers to bounce out VDH - he is a heavyweight. Have them schedule you against Senator Voinovich. He might cry, so you might win.

For those interested in car crashes and train wrecks:
Debaters: Victor Davis Hanson, Arianna Huffington
Topic: ‘American Imperialism’
Location: Gerald Ford Museum
Date: September 14, 2005
I hope this explosion is televised on C-SPAN...

I checked all the links to ensure accuracy. At some point after 2005/06/06 @ 2215 the HuffingtonPost replaced their stub post with the original on which I commented. Maybe some complaints. However, good work. It was the right thing to do. Now you need a Flameouts section.

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