Friday, August 12, 2005

We will win - because we must win...

re(1): 'Tactics, Strategy, Grand Strategy: A Warning', The Fourth Rail, Grim

Grim, from 'The Fourth Rail', presents the options in the GWOT...

Those who are antiwar by sentiment are often of good heart, and it can be hard to get someone who is essentially kind to consider an awful truth. But here it is: we cannot lose this global war, and therefore we shall win it.

The war in Iraq is the last hope for winning it while still remaining the kind of people we want to be. It is the last chance to win this war by building cultures up, instead of laying them waste. It is the last hope for kindness. It is the last candle before the dark.

If we fail there -- if we find that we cannot confront the guerrilla in his home, and must either leave or shatter the world behind us -- we will have no further options.
We will not lose, when it comes to nuclear terror. But we will not like what it means to win.

Like it or hate it, we will carry it out. If that terrible fire comes, it will work a dreadful magic. We will turn like Sigurd to our Regin, and have him reforge our broken sword.

The War in Iraq is our last chance to avoid that doom. It merits our total support, for that cause even if not for any other.

Can the Left understand this???

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