Saturday, May 20, 2006

Changes to the BlogRoll…

The Good:

Flopping Aces
Sitemeter informed me of visits from ‘Flopping Aces’ a few months ago so I took a peek. I put it on my personal BlogRoll because it was entertaining and seemed to mix societal, military, and political topics rather well.

So the question naturally arises: How long can you visit a site without fessing up. So here is the fess up.

Austin Bay
Simply, how could I miss this. Uuuuuggggghhhhhh… I do like to keep my BlogRoll small so that I don’t waste eons poking through it. Not having Austin Bay’s blog on my list meant that I didn’t visit it as often as I should.

Strategy Page
See above

The Bad:

Political Fred
I had to remove ‘Political Fred’ from the BlogRoll because he hasn’t posted in five months. Where is he? I know this ain’t no job, but I liked his musings…

He gracefully bowed out of the Blogosphere as a result of respect for a new employer. The employer did NOT force him out – as Bill Hobbs’ former employer did. Chrenkov simply felt it was improper to post views in the format he developed.

The Ugly:

PoliPundit had to go. His teeth grinding started getting my teeth to grindin'. The death of a tremendous site. Oh well. Hopefully, the center-right is more mature than the Moonbat Left – which is a conglomeration of single issue lobbyists trying to lump themselves into a political force.

The Note:

I am very reluctant to leave my email address on the site - as noted by the sub-head. I really don't want WingNuts and Moonbats sending me crap. But, there are folks with whom I might want to communicate. Any of you bloggers have an idea on how to do this?

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Curt said...

Hey Boghie, appreciate the linkage...always check out your site and Im glad you like mine.

Flopping Aces