Monday, May 08, 2006

Err America - "We're only two years old!"

Just heard an ad for Err America in San Diego (KLSD - yuk, yuk) that wasn't supposed to be funny - but...

When you hear Ed Schulz, one of the few barely sensible hosts on the station, scream that they are still small because 'we are only two years old!' than things clarify...

They are acting their age!!!
They are at the beginning of their Terrible Twos!!!

There are some hosts that haven't quite matured to that point:
The Randi Rhodent
Mike Malloy

Here are my biographies for each of these luminaries:
It seems that Mike Malloy - a former 'writer' for CNN and the now 'most dangerous liberal in the America' - has replaced Jerry Springer - the, uh, 'voice of reason' for the new left. Uh, yea... Jerry Springer... And, I have to whisper something in your ear: Jerry Springer is the 'voice of reason' on San Diego's Err America outlet. Bye, bye reason... Or, whatever passes for it in the fever swamps.

The Randi Rhodent is one of the least prepared and most ignorant ranters I have heard on the radio. She is like a dumber version of Savage. She is at her most ignorant "especially when she rallies around ideas that people rarely express out loud." Um, Randi, most people wouldn't express their absolute vapidity out loud.

And, "The Rant with Scooter is a show like no other. In a landscape of cookie-cutter talk shows, Scooter brings an irreverence, angst, wit, and well, rant, that isn't heard anywhere else. Scooter has pointed opinions on virtually every topic, and relishes taking aim on his favorite targets: right-wingers, religious nuts, and anybody or anything that gets him PO'd." No comment needed... Well maybe one comment... He is dumb enough to allow callers with a clue to challenge him. Lots of blood - till he shouts them down and cuts them off...

The other hosts are old, boring and bitter...

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Major Mike said...

Boghie...I'll have to take your word on this one...which I trust...I couldn't stomach listening to Err 'Merica...even for the intelligence value. Regards. MM