Thursday, May 18, 2006

'My Favorites' - Updated

Re(1): ‘A still small voice…’, The Belmont Club, Wretchard
Re(2): 'Storm Warning...', My Sandmen, Mr. Altos

A couple of fine additions to the ‘My Favorites’ list of the most important blog entries of all time!

Wretchard gets another with ‘A still small voice…’

Wretchard calls his audience to respond on a number of levels. To me, the most fundamental question posed revolves around the sturm und drang of the conflict we find ourselves in. Are we still hearing the truth that called us to arms?

Furthermore, reviewing the comments provides a taste of the depth and importance of this piece.

  • You want grey matter biology and chemistry – you got it
  • You want psychology and sociology – you got it
  • You want discussion on the GWOT – you got it
  • You want info on the blogosphere – you got it
  • You even get some flat earth adherents to root for…
Mr. Altos gets the solid nod for his marvelous post ’Storm Warning...‘.

I read that post five times and have used it subsequently in entries on my site and comments on other blogs. From that post onward I have been thinking that the GWOT might just be the most violent expression of a global Fourth Turning. A generational upheaval that includes demographic trends, culture wars, and other powerful and conflicting social mores originating from the 1960’s. Those ideas are currently being fought for keeps now that their proponents are in leadership – and not just faking it with mommy and daddy around to keep them safe. Altos marks them as the ‘enemy within’ – the internal adversaries to the conservative saeculum.
These posts, taken together, cause one to reflect on today in a different way.

Conservatives are winning. The nation is moving to the right. The center is moving. Conservative ideas are becoming mainstream. They know their ‘enemy’ and have ‘fixed’ on that 'enemy'. They are reviewing their surroundings for the next battle.

Libs, I would recommend a review of the road taken by your avant-garde since 9/11. We see you. We hear you. And, if you continue to reflexively tear at our society rather than building upon it, you will be seen as the enemy. Nobody wants that.
And, I know – the net is forever.
For me as well as you.

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