Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The CIA – A Remembrance…

Re(1): ‘Cleaning Out at CIA Will Intensify Under Hayden’, RealClearPolitics, Jack Kelly
Re(2): ‘Wretchard, Tenant, Goss, and Ali’, BoghieOnYourSix, Me

When I wrote the following in ‘Wretchard, Tenant, Goss, and Ali’ I thought I was descending into dungeons where only ‘Keepers Of Odd Knowledge’ subsist:

I speculate that Bush now has alternatives to the CIA as his preeminent intelligence gathering organization. Does he know who leaked the Black Prison program? Does he know who leaked the NSA Wiretap program? Maybe, maybe not… But, I think he knows the source(s) of those leaks and others are CIA. And, he gave Porter Goss a mandate to clean the organization up – which, in the end, proved impossible.

The restructuring is probably extricating the CIA from ‘loop’ and ‘restructuring’ their budget. The President has probably lost confidence in the CIA. If the impending changes are ‘in the clear’ expect decisive changes in personnel structure, financial structure, and internal clout. As we conservatives know full well, you cannot kill a government organization – but you can defund it and ostracize it.

I am not alone. Please completely read Jack Kelly’s article ‘Cleaning Out at CIA Will Intensify Under Hayden’. There is a new twist worth review:

Democrats say they plan to make an issue of the NSA wiretap program during his confirmation hearings. The president and Gen. Hayden seem to welcome that fight. The last time Democrats criticized the program, their poll numbers plummeted.

The key thing to remember is that this is a fight President Bush picked. He chose the time. He chose the ground.

Since the spring of 2003, President Bush has been playing defense against the political fallout generated by intelligence leaks. The Hayden nomination may be the start of a long planned counter-offensive.

How many times has The Selected President McChimp BusHitler chumped the Liberal Wing of the Moonbat Party?

Me thinks we will soon add another notch to that gun...

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