Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Daily News: Al-Qaeda Recruit Depot, Iraq…

Re(1): 'Counterterrorism in The Triangle of Death', SecurityWatchTower, C.S. Scott
Re(2): 'Taking the fight into the heart of Ramadi', SecurityWatchTower, C.S. Scott
Re(3): 'Special Operation Forces raid al Qaeda safehouse near Balad', SecurityWatchTower, C.S. Scott
Re(4): 'The McCaffrey trip report', Belmont Club, Wretchard

The infidel C.S. Scott of is proclaiming deceitful lies and exhortations about our al-Qaeda Recruit Depot, Iraq – the flower garden of Global Jihad.

He lies about the jihad like Booosh lies about cake yellow and oil companies.

I am free to move around as I wish – I just like the area around Yusifiyah. It’s pretty. And, its close to Iran – a country I have no coordination with. I like it so much I made a documentary there. So, that is why I am in Yusifiyah – not because the apostate Iraqis are ratting me out every time I kill some of them. I just like drinking sweat tea here.

And, there are always casualties when training for Jihad. Infidel Scott makes a big deal about the forces of the Great Satan killing or capturing Ramsi Ahmed Ismael Muhammed, Mohammed Rabei, Akram Mahmud al-Mshhadani, and Muhammed Hilah Hammad al-Ubaydi. I enjoyed fine tea with these jihadis – but I can replace them with 13 year old youths from the Junior Jihadi Brigades. No big deal.

And, every training session results in a few casualties and captures. So what. What is the big deal about the Zionists killing 187 foot soldiers a couple of weeks ago? They grow on trees – Iraq is a recruiting ground. That is why I am sticking around in Yusifiyah. It’s not because I am surrounded and some stupid task force is closing in on me. Bush is an idiot and a failure. Bush is a liar. Rumsfeld should be deported.

Don’t worry about the 174 jihadis killed and captured last week. Did I tell you that Yusifiyah is beautiful this time of year – and that I never considered the border with Iran when I moved here? The Anbar province was too provincial for me. I like action. And, Yusifiyah fills that bill…

It sure does…

Never mind what a cowardly retired General says - he is lying. He lies like Cheny shooting old people. He lies like all the Zionist monkeys and apes - like your Chimp In Chief Booosh. He just wants to make an infidel airport on our Depot. The eight heros from the 'Zinni Zionists in Favor of Retreat' are the ones you should listen too.

Our beautiful recruiting and training ground in Iraq has never been better...

Gotta Go..

Someones Knocking…

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