Sunday, June 04, 2006

Can You Read the Court?

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Re(3): 'The Anchoress: The Essential President Bush', Me

Remember all the undercurrent commentary about President Bush as he was running for office in 1999.
  1. He was a reluctant candidate.
  2. He was not driven to become President.
  3. No childhood pictures with President Kennedy
  4. He didn't want to get into the tough political mud throwing.
Folks, he was the best man for the times.

The mediacrats and the Left can reacquire some authority and respect from the American citizenry if they are constructive in the goal of building a lasting peace. They can't seem to read the court though. Hidatha! Abu Ghraib! Tarawa! Diep! Vietnam! They can't see: Consensual governance in Iraq! Consensual governance in Afghanistan! Consensual governance in Lebenon! A civil war on the West Bank and Gaza! Democratic unrest in Egypt! Even UN action against Iran! So President Bush is giving them another chance (like the UN) to be relevant. But, blinded by BDS, they can’t seem to get past a Yalta Accord style solution. We don’t have to deal with a great power Stalin anymore.

The 2+ years remaining in Bush Presidency may be unforgiving to the Left in America if they continue to rant and rave. He is up to creating a lasting framework for victory and peace. The Left has to learn to be constructive to stay in the game.

I don’t think President Bush wants a One Party State in America – see above and all his attempts to work with those in the other aisle – but that is where we may be going.

Is that good?

Will it be good to have an unconstrained polity?

Will future historians blame President Bush or the Media or the Democratic Party leadership?

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