Saturday, June 10, 2006

Don’t Dine with Terror Turds :-{

Re(1): ‘Don't Invite Terror Turds to Your Wedding Party...’, BoghieOnYourSix, Me
Re(2): ‘CBS/AP: US Troops Beat Zarqawi Before He Died’, Sweetness & Light

Collateral casualties in the GWOT. The teenage wife and infant of al-Zarqawi were casualties in the air strike on the ‘safe’ house. We probably knew they were there. We pulled the trigger – and we apparently made the decision at a fairly local level in the chain of command. OK. Good.

Compare this effective strike with the constant confliction and inaction of the previous Administration. Their inaction directly led the murder of tens of thousands of innocent people over the span of a decade.

I would like to remind the Libs reading this post. The measured action – with probable full knowledge of the circumstances – resulted in al-Zarqawi commiting exactly zero (0) atrocities from 2006/06/08 onward. Please use the comments section to post your successes in the GWOT.

Special Note: It didn’t take long did it? The AP and CBS ‘news’ outlets use an unnamed Iraqi source – who lives in the area of the al-Zarqawi strike, a hotbed of terror support – to lay claim to be the first reference of Americans beating al-Zarqawi to death. My note: Oh, well and good for it! Why take this slug alive? But, then again, these unnamed sources – especially Iraqis in the middle of a Terror Support Zone – tend to lie. What next, was there a wedding party going on?

ADVICE: MSM, as represented by the AP and CBS News in the above reference, please, oh please don't go out there. Out there is doom. Out there is ridicule. Uuuugggghhhhhh. Don't go further into the land of the Moonbats. Don't get your commentary mentioned on Err America... Don't go there. Uuuuuuuggghhhhh, I probably own some of your stock in my 401(k). Maybe, in a Rovian way, the MSM is trying their best to doom our economy and stock market - in the best of the BDS tradition.

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