Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My District – the California 50th…

I had to deny my morning radio host of choice – Laura Ingraham – a Nielson point or so by wandering up the dial to KLSD (Err America) this morning. When my screaming cat woke me at 0547 this morning I could just barely envision a lug nut bouncing off the Liberal Band Wagon. No NASCAR today folks – I’ve got a live crash!!!

They just can’t figure out why anyone would have voted for Bilbray…

Let me start with why I could not vote for Busby:
  • John Conyers will still have to run his impeachment tea party in the basement
  • A vote for her is a vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House
  • A vote for her is a vote to weaken the resolve in the GWOT
  • A vote for her is a vote for unwavering amnesty
And, I ain’t even a MinuteMan type of guy…

Now, why would I vote for Bilbray:
  • He won the Republican primary fairly
  • He will vote for a sensible Speaker of the House
  • He will help curb the voracious spending appetite of Congress
  • He has always been reasonable on the topic of illegal immigration
So, how do Democrats win my vote (and I have voted for Dems in the past):
  • Choose better Party Leadership
  • Stop being so rabidly anti-military
  • Start valuing and emulating leadership
  • Get a viable alternative to conservative ideals
  • Allow America and her allies to win the GWOT

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