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Re(1): 'Hidatha in Context', MySandmen, Major Mike

Re(1): 'Hidatha in Context', MySandmen, Major Mike
Re(2): 'Blogosphere Blues', MySandmen, Major Mike

Major Mike just ended his blogger hiatus using his loud command voice to target the mark of Hidatha – as defined by the hard Left, as defined by the Mediacrats, and as defined by Mike:

I was done. I couldn’t type. It is an immensely complex issue that I didn’t have the energy to attack. So I didn’t. For the first time since I was first pulished in Proceedings magazine in 1991, I backed away from the fight, and what is worse, is that I failed to do it when my fellow Marines are entitled to my support.

I was disheartened by the initial, hysterical reports. I was disgusted by the judge and jury act of Rep. Murtha. I am also disgusted by the leaks coming out of the NIS in SoCal. I am fearful that the Army leadership in Iraq understands little about counter-insurgent warfare and its inherent difficulties and stresses. And I am in anguish by the thought that these charges may be true, and that the leadership elements in the Corps may be failing their Marines, and more importantly, that some elements of the Marine Chain of Command, may be derelict in their duties, and failing our country.

It was too much to tackle. But I became haunted by the idea that Marines world-wide would be smeared to a great extent, if some call for calm, reason, and possibly
mitigating factors, were not brought out.

Major Mike, our Marine Corps is working this out. The Corps is a great institution. If these Marines are innocent they will be absolved. If they are partially culpable than they will serve time. If war crimes, they will pay dearly – such actions are the mark of the beast. Patience and justice. Justice will be done – swift and sure.

So, he got me on a rant, and I had to comment on the Blogosphere Blues:

This thing is a grind – there, here, and everywhere.

Here is what pisses me off enough to absolutely no end. When we had to make the decision to go into Iraq we had ‘full’ commitment in Congress, the media, and the electorate. We now know what ‘full’ commitment is to the Left Wing of our polity. It is Kerry voting for the 80 Billion before he voted against it. It is Mawkish Murtha voting to initiate combat - then a year later telling the world it is all someone else’s fault and we have to run away. It’s the media running amok with Abu Graib and Hidatha while finding the demise of barbaric Terror Turds to be unworthy of comment.

But, is it an American public turning its back?
Moving from an Oooraahhhh of 80% to an uuuggggghhhhh of 40%.

I think not. We are in a grind. To me, the American public is more like a lineman in the mud of a close football game than some flighty receiver bitching that he is not getting the ball enough. Why? Can you not feel the hunker. Let the LOPS (Low Output People) scream and rant – we will get the job done. Feel the ground shake as Americans dig in to get lower than the enemy on the other side. One line push at time. Deal with the media. Deal with the Lefties. Deal with the Eurotrash. Just one shove at a time.

I feel it. It is more lasting than an oooorrraaaaahhh.

And, it is very dangerous to those wide-outs throwing tantrums on the sidelines. Their season and their careers may end in a few months, but even now they are not sensing their own demise. Today, the day al-Zarqawi became a footnote; our ignorant and spoiled receiver took a punch at the coach. Bad news, no news, we lose. Guess what superstar, this is a ground game. We don’t need you. We don’t trust you. You do not matter.

Here is the world as I see it.

  • Over there, we fight barbarism. Others have fought the battle in years past. It is now our turn. This will be ugly at times – as your post emphasizes. But, it is necessary. It will not finish in a draw. There will be a winner. There will be a loser
  • Over here, we send our honor, our resources, and our blood to the very depths of hell. We knew it. We know it. We have to accept it. We have an honorable and just mission. We have honorable and just leadership. We are an honorable and just people In this thing we have to win – or we will lose. There are no options.

In the end, we have to win.

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