Sunday, June 18, 2006

For Real: How Democrats Can Surge to Victory!!!

Re(1): ‘Why Bush Is (Still) Winning the War at Home’, Time Magazine, Joe Kline

First, it is my opinion that the Democratic Party will lose seats in both the House and the Senate in November 2006. The caucus count will then determine whether they can stand and fight to regain some power from 2008 onward. I postulate this for the following reasons:
  1. The Democratic Party mission statement is domestic
  2. The Democratic Party cannot gain from military victory
  3. We are winning in the Iraqi and Afghani theaters of conflict
Thus, the news cannot be good for Liberals – even military or political or social victories. The news can go sour for the NeoCons as well, but that situation is not likely to be sustained. The Republicans can simply wait for a victory and trump that up. As an example please note the events surrounding the death of al-Zarqawi.

‘W’s domestic policy is resulting in low unemployment, high productivity, and a growing tax base. The Democratic Party placed all their domestic eggs (almost their entire platform) fighting Bush’s tax policies, investment policies, and retirement policies. The Republicans can almost guarantee victory by streamlining their own pork. There is a growing realization that movements like the Porkbusters are watching them – and those people vote. Additionally, the one thing a politician needs is reelection. Therefore, what are the odds of Republican Congress Critters simply pushing their pork till next year – or the Administration simply not expensing the pork voted into the budget? So, low taxes, low unemployment, high productivity, and a magically shrinking deficit all go to the Republicans – and the Democratic Party will be viewed as Luddite Obstructionists.

Therefore, the Democratic Party is not in a position to capitalize on a success – they have not implemented anything to succeed at. Thus, while Joe Kline thinks the Bushies have six months to succeed in Iraq or they will fail miserably I think the Democratic Party must have a success within four months or fail permanently – election time.

What to do… Well… This is a bitter solution, but your only one:

Get out there and promote victory in Iraq and Afghanistan. If you have other sensible ideas present them. But get on the victory bandwagon. We have to win this conflict – cutting and running is not an option if we want lasting peace. We will win this thing.
And, most importantly start presenting ideas that support lasting peace…

That is how you can cut your losses this year – and get on the victory wagon in the years to come. We will win the conflict, but we also have to win the peace. Help build the structure that pulls the world together. Build a new and better United Nations. Your Party played the key role in winning the last Fourth Turning war, play a role in this one.

However, if you don’t step forward to help mop up the conflict and define the peace you will be in for a very long and protracted demise. We are talking about forty to sixty years in the hole.

Your choice…

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