Monday, June 12, 2006

The Fighting Left Forming for Battle…

I don’t think this is what Peter Beinart was thinking of.

But, with the unforeseen mishap that occurred Thursday it is time to remind my readers of the success the Left has attained in the GWOT. I think we should include the eight years of the former Administration just to be fair. That is, Clinton’s eight years – with WTC 1, Khobar Towers, Embassy Bombings, Cole Bombing, beheadings in the Philippines, Rwanda, and maybe Bosnia – against Bush’s five years. Please use the comments to keep tabs.

C.S. Scott at SecurityWatchTower mentioned these 57 gentlemen by name – and alluded to a total of two hundred chaps in an earlier listing. I will include that list as a starting point.

So the score is at least 57 to 0.

As a reminder, this is President Clinton's crackerjack team:

Get busy…

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Mr.Atos said...

And let's not forget Somalia. That cesspool is afterall indicative of the efficacy of Clinton's entire foreign policy approach... failure everywhere it was tried. Albright should be the laughing stock of history, rather than a regular guest of the MSM. But, then judging by the credibility of that institution, it is exactly where she belongs. The main feature of the Clinton legacy is certainly the miserable catastrophe his absolute incompetence wrecked on the world.

It was foreign policy stupids! We the people handle the economy.